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Coating Line


YTZ1300 Coating product line

1: Type: single coating and single baking

2: Product line speed

   Maximum production speed: 530m/min

   Actual production speed: 525m/min

3: Key material: Aluminium coil coating line

                             Material:    Aluminum Roll (CJMTZ1600 Coating)

                             Thickness:   0.150.7mm

                             Width:      Maximum 1600mm

                             Weight:     Maximum 35ton

                             Diameter:    Maximum 1500mm

                           4: Supporting material

                           Specification              Fluorine Carbon            Polyester Dope            Crylic acid dope

                           Coating viscidity (4 cups)      60120                     60110                   55110

                           Thickness of the dry film um    1525                       1525                    1520

                           Dry temperature             249254                    210224                  183210

                           Line speed M/min            815                       1025                    1025

                           5: Drier design

                           Temperature of the material (temperature of the dope board)       Final dope: The highest temperature 170260

                           Type and temperature of the drier                           Constant movement, the highest temperature 280

6: Basic facilities:

1. Apparatus

a. Main power: AC380V×3PHASE×50Hz

b. Operation power: AC200V×1PHASE×50Hz  A.V.R

c. Voltage windage: ±10%

d. Frequency scope: ±10%

e. Capacity of total installation: 270KW

2. Pressure of condensed air

    a. Pressure: 46kg/cm2

    b. Air quantity: 0.51m2/min

3. Total water quantity

    a. Pressure: 23kg/m2

    b. Water quantity:  the cooling water is used in cycle

7: Dimension:

Length ×width ×height=45m×5.5m×5m

8: Weight: 108 ton