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Prefabricated Steel Structure

Yangli steel structure specialize in design, fabrication, construction and installation of steel structure building, based on china mainland market, we have expanded our business range to Africa, South America, Middle East, etc, so we have plenty successful cooperation experience with overseas customers, we have confidence to fulfill your requirements based on Chinese steel structure condition.

For now, our PEB steel structure solution service as followed,

1)Light duty building system, such as industrial warehouse, workshop, plant, exhibition hall, supermarket.

2)Heavy duty building system, such as highrise office/residential building,  high crane capacity workshop.

3)Special steel structure building system, bridge girder, wind driven generator tower, grid structure building, etc.

4)OEM steel structure H beam fabrication.

5)Prefabricated steel structure house.

6)Container house.

7)Prefabricated steel structure villas.

The max. building technical parameter capacity we have fabricated and installed yet is up to 150MT crane load, 40M length span, more than 60,000 sqm single PEB building.

For the complete project cooperation, both your design and our design are acceptable, but please note that normally for the steel material, we adopt Chinese steel material as Q235 and Q345, for the customers’ design, we will do the design modification based on Chinese national standard and do the material substitution for the steel material, both will be supplied to the customers for confirmation, for make sure that our modification and substitution will be comply with customers’ initial design intention.

Advanced equipment for professional fabrication


The company manufactures special steel structure in large scale with advanced specialized equipment, leading technology, strict production line control. It has imported worldwide first class steel structure production line from US, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The equipment performance and the steel structure production precision are of the first class in China.


H-Beam Automatic Welding Line







1) Multi-head strip cutting machine
2) Assembling machine
3) Gantry auto-submerged arc welding machine
4) Horizontal assembling-welding integrated machine
5) Straightening machine

H-Beam Secondary Processing Line





1) Japanese Daito CNC 3D driling machine
2) Band saw
3) Counter locking machine
4) Roller converyed shot-blasting cleaner
Normal Design Solution:

The main frame (column and beam) is made of hot rolled or welded steel H beam(square steel). The frame column is connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt. The beam and column, beam and secondary beam are connected by bolts with high intensity. The roof and wall support system is made of C or Z purlin. The wall and roof are made of colored steel corrugated sheets or colored sandwich panels, which is connected with the purlin by tap bolt.

Doors and windows can be designed at anywhere which can be made into normal type or sliding type by duralumin or plastic steel. The frame of the door is welded by light-duty steel. Colored steel panel and sandwich panel can be used in the doors and windows. Each steel structure building should be designed according to different requirements of the clients, such as, how many square meters of the workshop, what kind of thermal insulation material to use, what's the local weather like, (wind load/ snow load).

Certificate:                          ISO9001:2000

Engineering Design Software:        AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS,3D3S, etc


Fast construction, easy installation, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofing, energy conserving and environmental protection, etc.

Packing and Delivery:  

Depends on detail structure, normally for the aim to protect steel structure components in the delivery, we suggest to use OPEN TOP containers. GP container is acceptable too.

If you really interested, and would like we do the design for you, please give me the following information:
1. Dimension: Length, width, height, eave height, roof pitch, etc.
2. Doors and windows: Dimension, quantity, position to put them.
3. Local climate: Wind speed, snow load, etc.
4. Insulation material: Sandwich panel or steel sheet.
5. Crane beam: Do you need crane beam inside the steel structure? And its capacity.
6. Is there any materials that are not allowed to import into the country where the structure is planning to use?
7. If you have other requirements, such as fire proofing, isolated roof, etc, please also inform us.
8. It's better if you have your own drawings or pictures. Please send them to us.